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What it says on the tin. This is sort of a wordier version of my status.cafe profile. I do like that thoughts.page gives you a lot of freedom with customisation, it's super neat.

16:41 PM / 2023-10-08

Watching Bathurst all day on a beautiful Sunday... Love this for me.

12:18 PM / 2023-10-08

Testing thoughts, and thoughts about microblogging

With the accelerated-yet-slow decay of Twitter and the struggle for any new "public town square" microblogging website to emerge as the clear winner among the contenders and hell, you can't help but think that maybe the era of centralised microblogging platforms is over. Hell, even Tumblr is going to shit now.

I love microblogging as a format though, always have, so I'm pretty excited to try this out.

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